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Thursday, 24 June 2021
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ANEST IWATA Strategic Center S.r.l.
Head office:
Via degli Aceri 1 - 21010 Cardano al Campo (VA) - Italy
Tel. +39 0331 73 31 20 - Fax +39 0331 26 23 38
Administrative office:
Via dell’Industria 21
10023 Chieri (TO) - Italy
Tel. +39 011 22 74 402
Fax +39 011 22 74 000

Be Aware of Imitations

Like the majority of top brand manufacturers, Anest Iwata is facing a hard struggle against copies, replica and illegal products coming from parallel markets.

Due to contemporary economic crisis and to the worldwide spread of internet shops, this illegal market has reached an unexpected dimension. Nowadays, we are assisting to the growth of replica airbrush sellers especially based on Ebay, Alibaba, Aliexpress and other e commerce platforms who regularly cheat their customers with false Iwata airbrushes.

This huge amount of false and poor quality instruments is seriously threatening Anest Iwata brand reputation. Airbrushers who choose Iwata for its world-renowned quality and performance, do not want to compromise by buying an inferior copy.

High manufacturing precision and top quality materials play an essential role in airbrush industry. Behind a top quality airbrush there must be a highly specialized engineering process. Anest Iwata, after decades of manufacturing experience in the airbrush field, can be considered as a warranty of all this.

It is always important to remember that a replica airbrush will probably look, externally, like a genuine Iwata airbrush but, on the inside, the copies are vastly inferior and poor in quality.
No manufacturer can find high quality materials or develop a highly specialized engineering process with low prices.


Have you just seen an Iwata airbrush sold with a price that seems too cheap? That shop is probably selling a false product with low quality and ILLEGAL.

The illegal “grey” market made up of copies and replica products is a plague afflicting the great majority of top brand products, from clothes to sunglasses, smartphones and shoes. This problem becomes crucial if we are talking about a high precision instrument such as an Iwata airbrush. With no doubts, a cheap Iwata replica will let you save some euro, but remember! You are wasting your money! In particular, a beginner can easily mistake the poor performance and control of his cheap Iwata airbrush with his own inability. Frustration and demoralization may arise, leading his airbrush experience to an end.

In conclusion, buying a quality airbrush is an investment. Its cost may be far less value than your hours of wasted efforts. A genuine Iwata, maintained with the respect it deserves, will last you a lifetime.

Anest Iwata strongly recommend to purchase your Iwata products only from genuine resellers.

Anest Iwata authorized resellers show in their websites our 100% official dealer logo.
IMPORTANT! Anest Iwata Europe warranty does not cover damages on products purchased outside Europe.

Even if you avoid inferior copies and second-hand Iwatas, you may be buying from a dealer outside Europe or from someone who ‘grey-imports’ from overseas. In this case, your airbrush will not be covered by our 5 Year Warranty, and you will have to return it to the dealer in the country you bought.

IMPORTANT! Anest Iwata Europe warranty does not cover damages on second hand airbrushes who come without an invoice issued by an authorized dealer.

Replica airbrush sellers do not provide even the most basic support, such as spare parts availability. Parts from replica airbrushes are made with inferior materials and often have different dimensions. For this reason, Anest Iwata spare parts will not fit or will not perform correctly when fitted to a replica airbrush.

It usually happens that a single spare part may cost more than a single airbrush. Replica sellers do not have stock of spares and they will have to disassemble a complete airbrush in order to supply spare parts.


Once more, Anest Iwata invites you beware of some merchants selling on e-commerce platforms such as EBAY, ALIBABA AND ALIEXPRESS.

These platforms are usually the favorite way for Illegal sellers to reach and cheat the final consumer. Beware, in particular, of merchants selling Anest Iwata airbrushes with low prices. These merchants are often located in Eastern countries such as China or Japan and there is a high probability that the products they sell are false or grey-imported from overseas.

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