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Saturday, 24 July 2021
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Hobbies and Models
Resin Models and Plastic Kits
An avid resin-kit builder and a contributing writer to several hobby publications, Tom Grossman frequently uses the Eclipse HP-CS powered by a IS-875 Smart Jet Pro compressor.

For detail work, he prefers the HP-BP. Gravity-feed airbrushes allows for excellent detailing and quick cleaning with both airbrushes. The HP-BP allows for detailing with modestly heavy pigments. The HP-CS allows for lighter detailing and large background coverage.

The continued popularity of plastic and resin model kits has created a need for new advances in airbrush technology. No more slapping on paint with a brush. Realism is the goal and an airbrushed finish is the answer.

Master model makers find that they prefer the finest details and often use the CM-C and even the HP-BP in their work. Subtle shading and weathering are common uses for these two airbrushes, especially when powered by the IS-850 Smart Jet with an In-Line MAC Valve or a IS-875 Smart Jet Pro. Advanced users may want the flexibility of a IS-925 Iwata Power Jet compressor in their studios.


Eclipse Series: HP-BCS, HP-CS
Revolution Series: HP-BCR, HP-CR, HP-SAR
Compressors: IS-875 Smart Jet Pro, IS-850 Smart Jet.

“ Scale models come in polystyrene, resin, vinyl and/or metal. They also come in all sizes and subjects, each having so much to offer. The finest finishes are best accomplished with the help of a good, reliable airbrush. The Iwata line has a great airbrush for every modeling need, skill level and budget.

Iwata products work well with a variety of mediums. I like acrylics for their user and environmentally friendly chemistry. Com-Art transparent and opaque paints are great for effects and shading like weathering and flesh tones.

The new Weathering and Scenery Sets bring realism into the mix. The Flesh Tone Set makes it easy to create a variety of skin colors reliably and vibrantly. Iwata airbrushes deliver the same great performance with enamels and lacquers, too. I’m a fan of Alclad Laquers for creating bare metal finishes. I like the quick clean-up possible with gravity-feed designs and the small amount of paint that can be used.

After all, it’s not the paint job, it’s the touch up that makes a finished kit come to life.

The affordable Revolution HP-CR fits the bill for basecoats, simple schemes and basic stencil work. An Eclipse HP-CS is my choice for most other modeling applications because of its greater control and versatility. When it’s time for some fine detail, crisper lines without masking and work with smaller scale subjects, I use an HP-BP.”

Tom Grossman

Painting fiberglass parts on scale airplanes can be easy or they can drive airbrushes crazy trying to get the kind of finish that you want. Fortunately, Iwata designs a range of airbrushes, spray guns and compressors so you can get the perfect finish that sends realism soaring to new heights.


Eclipse Series: HP-BCS, G6
Revolution Series: HP-BCR, HP-SAR
Sprayguns: RG-3 LPH-80


IS-875 Smart Jet Pro
IS-850 Smart Jet

“ “The Iwata Miniature Spray Gun has almost a 4″ spray fan. For the kind of painting that we do on our models, that is more than enough. It also has two air adjustments on the gun. One at the base of the body is to adjust total pressure and the other adjusts the fan size. The fan adjustment is a great feature. With this, you can go from a full fan to a round spray. The round spray is the same spray as you get with an airbrush. There is also a trigger limit that controls the amount of paint and air that passes through the spray head. With all the controls that this gun has, you can do many things with it.

You can put on a base coat, then cut the size of the fan down to paint stripes. If you want to do some fading, just turn the fan off and turn the paint flow down. No need to get out the airbrush. You already have it in one miniature spray gun, the Iwata LPH-80. This is a miniature gun that could have been designed for us as modelers. It fills the bill.
This spray gun is also gravity-fed. As occasional users, this has some special benefits for us. For the small projects, we can mix a half ounce of paint and the gravity cup will use it all. It makes it perfect for using small batches of paint for the small jobs. The can holds 4 ounces and can be filled for the larger projects

The other Iwata product I highly recommend is the W101 Spray Gun. It is a small high quality spray gun, but is larger than the LPH-80. I personally have both and use them for the different purposes. The LPH-80 is fantastic for trim and smaller items, but it will also paint larger items with more time and paint. The W101 is great for larger pieces or planes, but can be turned down so that it will do a good job on smaller parts and trim colors. As a base coat gun or a clear coat gun, it cannot be beat. The W101 has a larger fan and will lay the paint on quickly and more evenly with less paint.

The ideal is to have both guns. But if you only have one, choose the one that will meet most of your needs. Either will do both jobs, but each will do better on the projects that they are sized for.”

Darrol Cady


RC Models
Novice users and children will be well suited with a single-action Revolution HP-SAR and a IS-850 Smart Jet compressor.

Iwata now has two airbrushes made exclusively for the new user and part-time airbrusher – the . The Revolution airbrushes include all of the quality and performance that made Iwata famous and are affordably priced.

With the quality, performance and value of both gravity – and siphon-feed models, hobby and model builders will appreciate the fantastic finish achieved.


Eclipse Series: HP-CS, HP-BCS
Revolution Series: HP-CR, HP-BCR, HP-SAR.


IS-875 Smart Jet Pro
IS-850 Smart Jet
IS-35 Ninja Jet.

“I painted my first RC car body with a Revolution HP-CRairbrush and a Iwata Studio Series IS-850 Smart Jet compressor. Using Hobby Mask and Hobby Tape, the results came out great and it was a lot of fun. When I take my car to the track, everyone asks who painted the body!!”

Benjamin Naemura

Model Railroad
Model train enthusiasts who want fine detail will often use the CM-SB and even the HP-SBP powered by the Sprint Jet,Smart Jet or Power Jet. Master Model Railroad Builder, Greg Konrad uses the single-action Iwata Revolution HP-SARwhich is great for general purpose spraying.


Eclipse Series: HP-CS, HP-BCS
Revolution Series: HP-CR, HP-BCR, HP-SAR.


IS-875 Smart Jet Pro
IS-850 Smart Jet
IS-35 Ninja Jet.

“Competition Model Railroading can be an exacting hobby with a need for flawless accuracy in color and high-precision workmanship.

As an award-winning Master Model Railroad Builder myself, I need to have confidence in the tools I use when building models. For painting, Iwata gives me that confidence.

The Iwata Revolution HP-SAR (single-action airbrush) allows me precise control over my spray patterns and atomizes paint so well that my paint finishes are flawless. It continues to work like new even after hours and hours of use. I wouldn’t trade my Revolution HP-SAR for any other airbrush.”'

Tom Grossman

Figures and Statues
In his 30 years of painting miniatures and statues, Alex has developed concepts and techniques that have been instrumental in raising the standards in the miniature industry, creating great works of art and bringing his miniatures to life.

During a time when most people used a hand brush, Alex decided to use an airbrush and received quite a bit of opposition. Despite the opposition, Alex went on to produce great works of arts using an airbrush and proving his opposition wrong.

Although Alex tested various airbrushes, he found that none could match up to the IWATA airbrush. He has been using them for over 25 years. Alex uses the IWATA HP-G mini spray gun for covering large areas particularly for priming.

For the base colors and subtle shading including weathering, Alex uses the HP-CH and the HP-C. For detail work and subtle skin tones, Alex relies on CM-C and the HP-AH. For spraying difficult angles in a statue/figure, Alex uses the HP-SBS because he can change the cup from right to left angles. In terms of compressors, Alex has been using the IS-925 Iwata Power Jet and the IS-975 Iwata Power Jet Profrom IWATA.

If you are into painting figures/statues Alex recommends the following products:


Hi Line Series: HP-CH, HP-AH

Custom Micron Series: HP-C, CM-C

Eclipse Series: HP-SBS


IS-925 Iwata Power Jet
IS-975 Iwata Power Jet Pro.

Alex Castro is a well known international paint master who started his own painting service business, Miniature Masterpieces 25 years ago.

He is the author of The Art of Painting Miniatures: Faces & figures, published by Compendium Modelling Classics in England. Alex is presently the paint master for ReelArt Studios/Dark Horse and for the official Frank Frazetta Gallery Death Dealer series. Alex is a member of several internet forums around the world.

He is well known for his works-in-progress/how-to articles on several Internet sites including ARTtalk.. His painting of the 3-D plaque of Tattoo was featured on the cover of Modelers Resource Magazine. Alex was recently interviewed by Figure International Magazine, Andréa Miniatures, Madrid Spain, which will be released this year.

Alex’s works have been recognized and highly commended by Grand Masters in miniatures like Carlos Andrea, Andrea Miniatures and MFCA Grandmaster Phil Bracco as well as legendary masters in the field of fantasy like Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta.

Alex just paint mastered the Egyptian Queen for Reel Art Studios/Dark Horse. Art critics, collectors and fans are calling it “fantastic,” “masterful,” and “a work of art.” Alex’s next project is to paint master the 3D prototype of the Silver Warrior, which is one of the master’s (legendary Frank Frazetta) most iconic piece.
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