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Thursday, 13 May 2021
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ANEST IWATA Strategic Center S.r.l.
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Via degli Aceri 1 - 21010 Cardano al Campo (VA) - Italy
Tel. +39 0331 73 31 20 - Fax +39 0331 26 23 38
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Custom Painting
Individualism and creative expression turn the vehicles of today, cycle tanks and custom auto painting into works of art.

Artist, author and instructor Craig Fraser of Kal Concepts is at the forefront of this creative movement that’s rapidly growing in popularity. The Hi-Line HP-CH is the workhorse of his studio, while the CM-CP allows for the greatest details.

The side-feed Eclipse HP-SBS(Autographics version) is quickly becoming a mainstay in the field because of its 1 oz. side-mounted cup, which allows for greater vision of the work since you can see directly over the nozzle. The IS-925 Iwata Power Jet and IS-1000 Maxx Jet compressors lend themselves well to casual workloads. Iwata’s arsenal of various Spray Guns rounds out the offerings for this type of work.

Fraser is also the designer of the haunting Skull Master, Son of Skull Master, Curse of Skull Master, Return of Skull Master, Flame-O-Rama, Patriotica and Kustom FX Freehand Airbrush Templates from Artool.

Custom Micron Series: CM-CP, CM-C
Hi Line Series: HP-CH
High Performance Series: HP-CP
Eclipse Series: HP-SBS, HP-CS, HP-BCS
Kustom Series: Kustom HP-CS, HP-TH, HP-CM, HP-TR, HP-CH


IS-925 Iwata Power Jet
IS-975 Iwata Power Jet Pro
IS-1000 Maxx Jet

“Though I’ve tried many brands of airbrushes in the last 10 years, I can truly say I haven't found a brush that can rival the accuracy and durability of my Iwatas. Whether I’m painting with automotive urethanes or my water-based Com-Art Colors, the Hi-Line HP-CH is the workhorse of my studio. Not only does it deliver consistent fine lines and details that I demand, it also maintains that consistency for many years.

I’ve always been impressed with the Custom Micron for the incredible detail work it allows me to do. The Autographics side-feed and top-feed models of the Eclipse Series allow for added versatility and work great with solvent-based urethanes and toners.
At Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate, we have been using the LPH Automotive Spray Guns successfully for the past six years. Iwata is the rare company with a complete line of guns and airbrushes where every model is a winner.

Whether you need razor-sharp detailed illustration or full-tilt custom automotive spraying, Iwata’s arsenal has the gun for every job.”

Craig Fraser

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