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Dru Blair is photorealist artist and instructor. Many of his earlier paintings dramatically portray subjects that salute Man's greatest technological triumphs. His realistic aircraft paintings are often mistaken for airplane photos. While Dru's helicopter and airplane paintings focus primarily on high technology aviation and military aircraft, he has also been selected to portray many Star Trek novel covers, as well as such diverse subjects as the well known Budweiser Bullfrogs, and dozens of magazine covers.

During his undergraduate studies at Furman University in Greenville, SC, he discovered an artistic ability.

In 1988 he won the National Airbrush Excellence Award, which ushered in a wave of commercial opportunities. The following year he produced his first aviation painting, 'Power' which became the first of three Air Force Magazine covers and remains the number one selling aviation print in the world.

Dru Blair is an Air Force Association Life Member (1989), Honorary Member of the United States Air Force (since 1991), Army Aviation Association of America Life Member (since 1993) , member of the North Carolina Association of Designers and Illustrators (since 1989), member of the Air Force Art Program (since 1991), member of the Graphic Artists Guild (since 1993), Artist Fellow member of the American Society of Aviation Artists (since 1994), and board member of the International Airbrush Association.

He has been featured in television interviews and on dozens of magazine covers. His paintings can be found in hundreds of magazine and book publications. Commercial projects have included popular themes such as the Budweiser Bullfrogs . He has produced a half dozen instructional videos on airbrush techniques and is a featured lecturer at the World Airbrush Exposition.

Partial client list: Budweiser, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nabisco, Neutrogena, Rolling Rock Beer, Rockwell International, McDonnell Douglas, McDonalds, Mattel, USA Today, Texaco, Paramount.

Dru founded a school for photorealism near Raleigh called the Blair School of Art in 1997, and the Blair College of Art in January 2013.


Educated in architecture and aero engineering, Craig Fraser started Air Syndicate as an airbrush studio in Firenze, Italy, in 1990. Upon returning to the U.S., Craig hooked up with Dion Giuliano of Kal Koncepts fame in 1992.

Craig is now the in-house airbrusher, pinstriper and co-designer for Kal Koncepts. For the past decade Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate has been a driving force in the automotive and motorcycle kustom paint industry.

Craig created the hands-on automotive workshops that he taught in Airbrush Action’s getaway series for over eight years. He continually developes new airbrush products through Coast Airbrush and kustom stencil designs through Artool.

Craig credits the key to the success of Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate on three factors – quality, innovation and diversity. By contantly searching for new aspects, venues and mediums in the kustom paint industry, Craig and Dion have kept ahead of the competition, and will continue to challenge the boundaries of the kustom kulture.

“This industry is what you make of it. If all you want to do is sit around and hold court…You’ll get what you deserve…ridicule. To make it in kustom painting, you have to be constantly pushing the envelope. Don’t worry about the competition, just paint and let them worry about you!”


Renowned for his TRUE FIRE™ airbrush technique which has revitalized the automotive art industry, the artist, Mike Lavallee, traces his roots to sign painting. Graduating with a degree in Sign Painting from Boston's Butera Art School in 1979, he would not work exclusively on bikes until after attending his first rally in Laconia, New Hampshire. It would become weekend event that would permanently change his life.

It sparked what would eventually become a lifelong endeavor. Immersing himself in a decades long trek he would travel the motorcycle circuit as an artist until choosing to settle in the Pacific Northwest. In 1999 he opened his airbrush studio, Killer Paint, in Snohomish, Washington.

After several successful collaborations with Chip Foose of Foose Design, Mike was introduced to a unique market of enthusiasts with an unquenchable appetite for fast rides and custom paint jobs. Sunny California was set ablaze when Mike's signature flame jobs burst onto the scene, instantly branding his technique a hot commodity. A friendship with Jesse James of West Coast Choppers landed Mike his first spot on television. Appearing as a guest artist on The Discovery Channel's, "Monster Garage," was an exciting experience. Mike attributes a significant portion of his success to both Chip Foose and Jesse James. Chip, in particular, has been a major component in the exposure of Mike’s distinctive TRUE FIRE™ technique.

Since his appearances on Monster Garage, Mike, has since been honored to participate in TLC's wildly popular "Overhaulin"' and "RIDES"; shows he credits for their publicity of his TRUE FIRE™ technique. Mike has poured over 25 years of his life into his artwork, making it his primary focus, second to none. It's been a journey from one end of the country to another, some times being far easier than others. Along the way he's touched lives, inspired awe, spread smiles and lived to the fullest.


Martin Bouchard (Fitto) sees his work as a constant research towards novelties and originality. His creations are very personal, he invents his own drawings from start to finish. He works most by level hand.

Fitto is interested in all drawing styles but what he prefers most are macabre and aggressive paintings that when you see them will make your blood cold and take away the envy to touch them. He is known for his creativity and also for the exceptional quality of the details of the paintings. His works have had success everywhere they were presented.

He brought to all people styles,concepts and a way of working that now has been copied by a few artistic painters. He has recently published in the VQ25 Best Custom Builder Annual 2003 of the Easyrider Magazine and has also taken the VQ Best Painter Award of the Year.

I won the prestigious trophies of Toronto,Sturgis,Laconia,Daytona and Easyrider several times. These trophies are the most prestigious and most important accomplishments in the world in the Industry.


Dennis is truly one of the pioneers of Kustom painting and airbrushing. As a naturally artistic kid, back in the 70’s he started out with his first airbrush and after a few years he went to work airbrushing shirts at the Rat’s Hole for the late Karl Smith, founder of the famous Rat’s Hole Chopper Show in Daytona Beach Florida.

After leaving the “Rat Pack” Dennis opened up his own shop and continued airbrushing as well as becoming very adept with the spray gun and applying kustom finishes including gold leaf application, pinstriping and brush lettering.

Over the years, he fine-tuned his multifaceted talents, to create more than imitate. Dennis is known worldwide for his unique island inspired artwork style, vibrant use of color and highly desired Kustom mixed paints, which landed him his own signature paint line, “Hawaiian Hues” made by the.

He has been touring and teaching workshops and seminars. in the U.S, and Canada and for Iwata in the U.S. Canada Europe and Japan at the Iwata factory in Yokohama and makes numerous appearances at shows and events globally. When he is not traveling or painting his brains out at his busy Cosmic Airbrush shop in Honolulu, he writes monthly articles and informative step by stories of his work that have been and are currently published in the many magazines world wide.


Marissa Oosterlee (1981) is a Dutch artist and illustrator. Her late granduncle was the established American illustrator and pin-up artist Leo Jansen.

Over the following years, Marissa acquired worldwide attention with her photorealistic paintings. In these works Marissa creates her own reality, convincingly realized with photorealistic painting techniques. Besides photorealism, Marissa masters classical realism as well, which she mainly uses for painting portraits and animals.

Her love for nature can be recognized in her magical realistic works, sensitively depicting the world of fairies, elves and forest animals. She has been awarded several times for her work. In 2004, she won a national Dutch painting competition with her portrait of the Queen of Holland. Also, she was finalist in a prestigious painting competition organized by Artist’s Magazine for her work ‘Left Behind’ (2007).

Q&A’s and works by her have been published by several newspapers, tv programms, international magazines like Airbrush Art and Action, Airbrush Step By Step, and Art Scene International. Marissa gives demonstrations at airbrush and art shows throughout Europe and the UK. Nowadays she remains in The Netherlands, running her own gallery and studio (Marissa Art Studio), where she works and gives workshops together with Carlo Tedesco, who is also known for his band Phonorama and their album “Retrology”.


Founder and owner of Pastrana Unlimited Airbrush Studios, Alan Pastrana was born and raised in the New York City borough of Queens. Alan attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in Manhattan where he majored in Illustration.

He's proficient with a variety of media, such as oils, watercolors, acrylics, pen-and-ink, and most of all, airbrushing. Alan has an extensive background in life drawing, painting, and portraiture work, and plies his skills to create outstanding artwork on automotive surfaces (motorcycles, cars, etc), and fine art commissions.

His clients include Nike SB, Old Navy, Arts in Architecture, Jennifer Adams Interior Design Group, Indian Motorcycle, O.C.C., Rock City Motorcycles, Brothers Harley Davidson, Patrick Baker and Sons Church Restoration.

Alan Pastrana has been airbrushing for over fifteen years, and he runs a reputable and successful business as lead artist and owner of Pastrana Unlimited Airbrush Studios, LLC. , of Plainville, Connecticut. Pastrana Unlimited specializes in automotive airbrushing and custom graphics, painting everything from custom choppers and hot rods, to canvas illustrations.

Alan is an extremely talented artist whose artwork has been seen in many publications, including Extreme Motorcycle Art, the book by Merrel publishing, Easyriders magazine (October 2007), European magazine Custom Motorruder (January 2008), V-Twin magazine (October 2007), and, of course, the cover of Airbrush Action Magazine (July 2007).



Steve Vandemon, (yes, that IS his real name!) the artist and owner of Absolute Custom Paint in Anaheim, California, has been airbrushing for over 12 years. Along with Steve’s numerous other talents as a crack-shot custom automotive artist, he is an accomplished sculptor, pin-striper, graphic designer and professional hard-rockin’ bass player.

He has appeared in countless (an unspecified large number!) publications throughout the world, as well as appearing on “Pimp My Ride”, “Monster Garage”, “Rides”, “Chop/Cut Rebuild” AND has shown up on the cutting-room floor in the premiere of “Motorcycle Mania.”

Steve’s artwork has also been exhibited at the prestigious Laguna Art Museum. With Vandemon’s new ARTOOL TRIBAL MASTER SERIES® (which contains 42 separate templates!) you’ll be able to easily capture the unique styles and intricate contours which he has perfected throughout his career.

His work has graced the covers of countless publications, including Airbrush Action, Truckin, The National Enquirer (totally serious), and many more. Specializing in abstract graphic designs with airbrushing and pinstriping, Vandemon’s work is hotly sought after by collectors from all over the world.

Eddie, a Southern California native has always had a deep love and appreciation for art and especially humorous illustration.

At a young age his art influences ranged from Mickey Mouse cartoons to Mad Magazine. His continuing, lifelong passion for art (and music) have sustained him his whole life.

His 23-year career as a humorous cartoon illustrator has honed his skills in rendering original and licensed characters with the same fervor. Eddie’s work is well known throughout the motion picture and Television media and his client list includes Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, and Fox. His packaging designs have graced such companies as Tyco Toys, Milton Bradley and Mattel. He has associate representatives located in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

In keeping with the cutting edge of the commercial art industry, in 1995, Eddie began using a computer for an enhanced, more effective method for rendering finished color illustrations. Working digitally allows him to incorporate innovative dimensions in the area of design, type, and special effects to produce a solid, cost effective and more desirable finished artwork for his client’s product and the consumer.

Today, Eddie has moved into the most creative area of all, character development for product branding. He designs characters for companies both big and small. From start up companies looking for a logo to Time/Warner Cable, Abbott Laboratories or children’s book publishers and toy manufacturing companies, “Eddie Young Builds Good Characters!”

Whether you’re looking for an “edgy” character wearing sun glasses, flowers that talk to one another, huggable alligators or hippos that dance, Eddie’s characters are “pure and from the heart.” And that natural genuineness translates into his artwork.


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