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Thursday, 13 May 2021
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Real Deal Scenery Paint Set

“Transforming your model railroad into a miniature world involves adding a variety of colour, shape and texture. I use Com-Art paint to create the subtle color changes and bring out the shape and texture of my scenery. Com-Art Colours allow me to blend my scenery to create realistic landscapes that captivate viewers.”

Leslie Eaton

Here are a few things that are important to follow using the Com-Art Real Deal Scenery Kit.
The Browns

Opaque Raw Umber can be used for medium brown colored bark on trees as well as patches of dirt, or to simulate a dirt road or footpaths. Lastly, it can be used, sparingly, to make the leaves on plants appear to be dead or sun stressed. Raw Umber may be combined with Opaque Iron Yellow to create a more yellow-orange mud hue or to create late fall foliage.

Opaque Burnt Umber is the dark brown colour that can be used to create the dark bark on trees, stumps and plants as well as dirt buildup on rocks and crevices. Burnt Umber also can be sprayed on groundfoam and scenery to create exposed patches of dirt in fields, lawns, freight yards and industrial areas. Both burnt and Raw Umber can be airbrushed on the leafy areas of trees to give the appearance of winter “dead” vegetation.

The Greens

The Real Deal Scenery Kit contains two shades of Green. The two colours can be combined and intermixed with the yellows or even blue to create a wide variety of intermediate shades of green for plants, tree leaves, weeds and grasses. Using a variety of shades and colours give a more realistic appearance than a single colour of ground foam.

Opaque Sap Green is the brighter of the greens in the set. By itself, it can create the late spring/early summer leaves and plants. It can be mixed with Transparent Black or Opaque Raw or Burnt Umber to change the hue for late summer or fall vegetation.

The Yellows

Opaque Iron Yellow is a wonderful colour to create sun-burned grass, the leaves on Aspen trees, and fall leaves. It also makes an excellent colour to adjust any of the rust hues. The dirt colours also can be adjusted with the Raw Sienna to provide a more orangeyellow hue to dirt.

Opaque Deep Yellow is the colour of choice to create bright yellow flowers such as dandelions or daffodils. Deep Yellow can be used to make the bright yellow leaves of Aspen trees and bright fall foliage. Bright orange hues can be created by adding in tiny amounts of Toluedene Red.

The Reds and Blues

Opaque Toluedene Red is a medium red that can be used to create roses, Indian Paintbrush, and other red flowers or even apples and other red fruits on trees. The Toluedene Red can be mixed with Opaque Deep Yellow to make orange flowers such as marigolds or Opaque white to create the flowers on Cherry Blossom trees.

Opaque Cerulean Blue is a nice base from which to create various blue flowers such as bluebonnets and hydrangea. Light coats of Cerulean blue can be layered with Opaque toluedene red to create the shades of red, blue and purple that are found in rock formation in areas such as the Grand Canyon.

Transparent Black can be used for creating and defining textures on rocks and structures. In addition, it can be used as a base coat or a wash on figures to create the shadows in the folds of clothing or the relief on faces. Transparent Black also can be used to darken any of the colours in the palette.

Opaque White is excellent to use to lighten any of the colours in the palette. Pinks, tans, grays and other pastels are found in abundance in trees, flowers and groundcovers. The tiny variations achieved by adding sparse amounts of white makes it is possible to blend tones smoothly and intrigue the viewer with subtle differences.
Creating Uprooted Trees

Tiny flowers are easy to achieve with the Real Deal Scenery Kit. Using a very fine brush, 10/0 or finer, dip it into the colour of your choice.

Then pick up a tiny amount of baking soda on your wet brush and carefully place it on the tip of the plant material or tree armature. Allow it to completely dry before adding any other colours to define the flowers. Fruits can be added in a similar manner after the final colours for the foliage have been completed.

Flowers, Fruits and Weeds

Using a piece of the Scenic Express Super Trees material, gently strip the branches to create the length of trunk that you desire. Take one of the small pieces of branch that you removed and gently strip the leaf material from the branches, leaving the small nodules intact. Size the piece of root material appropriately for the height and breadth of the tree. Place a small ball of Alex® acrylic latex painter’s caulk at the base of the trunk and gently press the small root pieces into the caulk. Set the tree aside and allow the caulk to dry.

When the caulk has dried, paint the trunk with appropriate colours. For standard deciduous trees, paint the trunk and root ball with Burnt Umber first, then lightly mist with Raw Umber to achieve a two-tone effect on the bark. Finally, paint the leaves the appropriate colour. For a freshly uprooted tree with bright leaves, try Sap Green. Brighter colours can be achieved by mixing Sap Green and Deep Yellow. Darker colours can be made with Sap Green and small amounts of Transparent Black.
Tips and Techniques by Leslie Eaton

Shake Well

These scenery colors are comprised of many different pigments, some heavier than others. The pigments may separate into layers in the bottle while sitting so be sure to shake the bottle well before using and periodically while using. You may want to use a soft paint brush to stir the paint from the sides and bottom of the bottle.


These colors are designed to be intermixed to create intermediate hues allowing you to have colors that are unique as the scenery you are creating. Lighter shades can be made by adding Opaque White. Darker shades can be achieved by adding Transparent Black or even Opaque Burnt Umber. Enjoy experimenting and playing with mixing the colors.


Add soft color changes to your scenery using numerous light layers of color. This will allow you to achieve the natural, subtle changes that are seen in nature and help you to avoid having leopard-spotted landscapes. Applying fine layers of different colors also allows you to achieve the most realistic appearance to your scenery.
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