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Thursday, 13 May 2021
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Tel. +39 0331 73 31 20 - Fax +39 0331 26 23 38
Administrative office:
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Cleaning and Maintenance
Not Clean…Not Paint

If you use airbrushes in your work or hobbies, you may find yourself acting as part-time artist and part-time airbrush technician. You have done the research, chosen the right airbrushes, and put in the practice-time so now it makes sense to keep those airbrushes operating at peak performance. While you endeavor to develop good technique and work habits, if you also adopt high standards of cleaning and maintenance you will be way ahead in the long run.

"Cleaning your airbrush during the painting process and at the conclusion of any painting session is a must. Anyone with airbrush experience knows that a dirty or clogged airbrush just won’t perform the way that it should. The information I offer here comes from years of keeping my airbrushes operational without going “bonkers.”

- Michael Cacy

- Iwata Air Valve Guide Wrench
- Iwata Soft Jaw Pliers
- Iwata Needle Packing Screw Drivers (1.2 mm and 1.4 mm)
- Iwata Nozzle Wrench
- Zippered case with removable zippered accessory pouch
- Needle Storage Tube

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Code: CL 500

- Three Extra Small Cleaning Brushes
- 50 Pipe Cleaners
- Artool Studio Wipes 12 Count Pouch
- 1 oz Bottle of Medea Airbrush Cleaner
- Medea Super Lube
- Iwata Nozzle Wrench
- Iwata LED Magnifier
- Sturdy Iwata Case With Latch And Hang Loop
- Illustrated Instructions

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Code: CL 100

- High-strength, general-purpose cleaner
- Works well on all models of airbrushes
- Environmentally safe and ready to use
- Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz. and 32 oz. sizes

- Studio Wipes 80 Count Tub
- Fast-Acting
- Concentrated
- Disposable
- Also Available in Trial Size. 12 Studio Wipes per pouch.

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Studio Wipes 80 Count Tub

Code: 6 600 80

Trial Size.12 Studio Wipes per pouch

Code: 6 600 12

24 piece POP display

Code: 6 600 POP

- Take apart and reassemble your airbrush on a large, safe and soft surface

- Non-skid backing

- 11.75 x 10.75 in

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Code: CL 200

- Natural and non-toxic
- Can be used on all moving parts of an airbrush
- Use on the main lever, needle packing and valve-piston packing to keep them moving smoothly
- Apply in the needle cap and along the needle to enhance paint flow and prevent tip drying
- A must for any airbrush user.

Code: 015 001

- No overspray while cleaning your airbrush
- Easy-to-clean container
- Convenient and portable
- Easy-to-change filter.

Code: NAC 201

- 16 oz Medea Airbrush Cleaner with invertible 360 Nozzle
- Power Flush mode or Studio Cleaning mode.

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Code: 6 360 16
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